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This is a really creative video about Obama done by JIBJAB. It shows how politics goes creative. Obama is not only just a new US president but alos the hero to save the world(at least US) at this moment. The animation is welly done to make Obama becomes a super hero to solve all problems. Lyric is well written matches the whole graphic style. I watch it more than 10 times and still love it.


This is the mask I was wearing at work, not for real protection but for fun. There are more than 10,000 ppl got H1N1 in UK. Everyday you can hear someone saying, “Oh, my xx got swine flu.” (xx can be friend, cousin .. anything). It seems it’s getting worse but hopefully there are enough medicine for the whole UK(at least London please, and including everyone, everyone means all human but not just British). I don;t want to wear my piggy mask everyday, it’s hot and hot and very hot, thx god I wasn’t in HK when SARS occured.


My miniTED(miniKEY) is finally over. miniTED is the mini presentation to share/talk something you want in IRIS Digital. I did mine on last Friday.

Invitation card: I made the invitation card with augmented reality(AR) technology, everyone get the details of my miniTED through the site. But I haven’t told them what my miniTED is about. They start to guess or think it’s about AR/technology. Actually it’s nothing to do with it but me and my polaroid. When they hold the card to the webcam it looks like they are holding a polaroid photo.

MiniKEY aniamtion : I created a short animation and let minKEY(a character of me) to speak for me. It present the history of polaroid also my 9 years polaroid life.

Photo showcase: After the animation everyone can see my photos in boardroom. All photos (750) are placed on the the big massive table for everyone to look at it. With the labels behind each photos ppl can know where/when did I take the photos.

Here are the links of
AR invitation card:
miniKEY animation:
Photos on flickr:


For anyone who knows it for years, dtop laughing at me. I just found out this awesome visualizer from iTunes. Simply Ctrl+T or Apple+T wnen you are in. The cool thing is, if you play different song it shows completely different of random visual. I hab\ve been watching at the screen for 2 hours. It’s just AWESOME!


UNIQLO always has wonderful online campaign, but not much of them really gets me until the latest campaign which is called: TOKYO FASHION MAP under UNIQLO PARKA STYLE 1000 project.

They found people on street from different areas around Tokyo. Each of them are given 1-2 pieces of UNIQLO product to put on as a street model. The best thing is they pick those who can represent that area like in GINZA which is an historic MEIJI-ERA town known for it’s elegant, glamorous and conservative style. So they pick all OL girls who can show the characteristic of GINZA. It’s not just an online campaign but also showing different style in different areas in Tokyo.

It’s worth to have a look for the people in AKIHABARA. :)


vectorpark has a new interactive animation live.
vectorpark Windosill:

Wallace & Gromit came to IRIS this morning to show their work. They are created by Aardman who came to show us all the great aniamtions including the actual model of Wallace & Gromit.

Wallace, he has been abused by us for an hour, see the fingerprint all over his face.

Gromit, check his eyes, there are [...]

This is the birthday card from work. The card is nearly A2 in size. When I m holding it, it looks like a machine gun. Thanks to everyone in Iris Digital for this special birthday card. (Also Steve who cut the ‘KEY’ shape. AWESOME)

Thanks to Vic who made the lovely cake for me and Bill(birthday on 5th), we were having the joint birthday cake ceremony with a group of hungry animal(ha) behind. The cakes are well nice.

Birthday cake from Paul, it’s the best non-asian cake I have ever tried, strawberry is juicy and sweet plus the bottomis not [...]

I have spent the whole afternoon designing a new pattern for my AR test, it is not as easy as I thought. I have tried couple of design base on the limitations but seems it has to be damn simple. At the end I picked heart(sort of) and smily face.

After a day work I finally got my augmented reality in flash working. Great thing is I manage to get it work with multiple marker detection which means I can have 2 different pattern showing on the screen. It is alot of fun to play around with different pattern but now comes to the problem [...]