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No matter you are gamer or not, you must know the block falling game - Tetris. Goolge celebrates the 25th anniverary of it by “blocking” up its logo. The game was created by Alexey Pajitnov, a computer engineer who was working for the Computing Centre of the Soviet Academy of Sciences in 1984. He chose the name Tetris by combining the words “tennis”, his favourite sport, and “tetra”, a Greek prefix.

Rockband - EA’s music game now rocks on Beatles songs. This opening cinematic is one of the best game video in 2009 with great art direction brings you back to 70s. The combination of 2D characters and 3D objects creates such a fantasy scene with all animations synchronize with the song. It’s ashame in game graphic don’t follow the same style but more 3D cartoony style.

Official site(with game trailer):

Just before E3 2009, Microsoft announced the project ‘Natal’ which is the sensing controller for XBOX 360. With the success of Nintendo Wii, it is not surprising to this ‘HD Wii’ product. From the video, we can see there’s no actual controller like Wiimote while in the game. The camera actually captures every move of your limbs including voices. It looks like a high tech version of Wii and it may help to open the market of casual gamer, which means Nintendo’s new console has to come with ’something’ new. Poor Sony’s eye toy was a failure especially for the PS3 card game - ‘Eye Of Judgement’. Sony, Sony.. any good news other then your PSP go in E3 2009?

After losing the market to NDS, Sony hopes to give its PSP a final GO by getting rid of the stupid UMD, built-in 16GB flash memory for downloadable content and a new STYLISH look. Forget about the look of it, but built-in memory does it mean it will be easier for everyone to cra*k in the firmware to play down game legally? Sony, Sony… we all know PS3 does not sell well but if you think you can save your a$$ by giving us PSP Go, you are wrong. We want to see something new, not re-design.